Discover top industry vendors showcasing cutting-edge technologies and solutions at Aggnexus 2024.



CheckProof provides a user-friendly, all-in-one platform primarily for the construction materials industry.

The platform digitizes Maintenance & HSEQ Management, with tasks including, quality and maintenance routines, defects, deviation, and incident reporting.

Integrations as well as telematics data from a variety of machines, fleets and sites can be managed from the platform, ensuring complete visibility across teams and sites and effective resource management.


Go Build 360

GoBuild360 provides ERP-integrated e-commerce solutions tailored for the construction industry. Their platform offers robust customer portals and delivery apps, enabling seamless order management, real-time tracking, and efficient payment processing, enhancing overall sales and operational efficiency.


Price Bee

PriceBee offers cloud-based business optimization solutions tailored for the construction materials industry. Their platform provides advanced tools for quote management, project and bid management, product and transport costing, and price management, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions in real time and improve profitability.


TAC Insight delivers cloud-based logistics and operational solutions for the construction materials industry. Their flagship product, Fast-Weigh, streamlines ticketing, dispatching, and reporting, providing real-time visibility and control over material movements and transactions.


Concrete AI harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to optimize concrete production and quality. Their advanced algorithms and data analytics tools help producers enhance mix designs, reduce costs, and achieve sustainable, high-performance concrete solutions.

Plan Demand

PlantDemand offers a web-based planning tool designed for the asphalt, concrete, and aggregate industry. Their platform simplifies scheduling, inventory management, and order tracking, providing real-time collaboration and insights to improve operational planning and reduce downtime.



Burgex Mining Consultants, based in Sandy, Utah, was founded in 2009 by Stuart and Crystal Burgess.

Our team of dedicated professionals, including mining engineers, geologists, market analysts, financial analysts, landmen, and GIS engineers, embodies a wealth of expertise and passion for the mining industry.

Renowned for our innovative approach, we have gained recognition, particularly with our GIS-based market intelligence platform, Mineralocity Aggregates.

At Burgex, we are committed to leveraging our knowledge and technology to create value for our clients, fostering growth and success in both the metals and aggregate mining sectors.


Inform Software

Inform Software specializes in developing advanced logistics and supply chain management solutions. Their innovative software optimizes resource planning, inventory management, and operational processes, ensuring businesses achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings.


Eltirus specializes in mining and quarrying consultancy services, focusing on improving operational efficiency and sustainability. They offer expert advice, innovative solutions, and technology integration to optimize resource extraction and management, driving growth and profitability in the industry.


EveryPoint delivers cutting-edge 3D data capture solutions, transforming the way industries handle spatial data. Their platform combines advanced software and hardware to enable accurate, real-time 3D mapping and analysis, enhancing project planning, execution, and asset management.


On The Rocks Digital

On the Rocks Digital specializes in digital marketing and web design for the construction and aggregate industries. They offer tailored services including SEO/SEA, social media marketing, and digital consulting, helping businesses enhance their online presence and drive growth.